Drive View International
The Patented Drive View System

Drive View Window® - This extended window allows full view of the menus, food, preparation area, add-on products, sale and promotional items, and your friendly staff. This window can be designed to accommodate one or two vehicles.
Delivery Window - Standard with two window sections - one slides open to take payments and deliver your product.
Traffic View Window - Small window that allows employees to see traffic in the Drive View® lane.
Driveway - Gradually elevated driveway ramp puts the customer in the right viewing position to the Drive View Window™.
Speaker/Microphone System - A specialized hands-free headset/microphone system allows full, two-way communication between customer and staff. The communication system allows staff members to communicate with separate customers simultaneously.
Food Preparation Surface - Placed at the optimum height, allows staff to stand and move easily while preparing food items and communicating with the customer.
Add-On Items Display Area - Impulse items are prominently displayed to the customer.
Ad-Vance™ Menu System - The menu can be placed anywhere along the queue for menu information and advertising or promotional signage.


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