Drive View International
The Patented Drive View System

Cash Register - Price indicator LED placed outside the building for easy viewing by the customer.
Outside Credit Card/Mobile Swipe System - This added convenience at the proper point in the order process saves time.
Electrical/Lighting System - Sensor activated lighting optimizes the interior and exterior illumination when a vehicle enters the driveway.
Canopy/Roof System - Protects the driver in bad weather and enhances the lighting possibilities.
Moving Air Curtain - Keeps insects away from the Drive View Window®
Aroma Injection - Aroma from the inside is transferred outside to stimulate appetites and entice add-on purchases.
Menu Boards - Positioned inside for optimal viewing from a vehicle. Additional menu boards maybe placed outside as needed.
Promotional Area - Located along the driveway for additional signage and daily specials.
Order Confirmation Unit - May be added along the driveway.


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