Drive View International
The Patented Drive View System

1.The Drive View® stores have seen an increase of 300-400% in sales.

2.Customer lines move in a fast, easily managed pace.

3.Suggestive selling to Drive View® customers is simple and easy.

4.Customers order more on impulse when they can look at the many food choices.

5.The vented aroma of the food entices the customer's appetite as they order.

6.It is easy for a customer to change or add to their purchase.

7.The average purchase increases 25-50% or more.

8.The Drive View® System gives car-based customers a high-quality experience they cannot get elsewhere.

9.Drive View® Stores will experience fewer errors and omitted items.

10.Customers keep coming back to Drive View® stores for the unique experience only the Drive View® System can offer.

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