Drive View International
The Patented Drive View System
  • Increase Revenues
  • Increase Average Order
  • Increase Repeat Customers
  • Differentiate Your Stores

The Drive View® System is a revolutionary new way of delivering the drive-thru experience. Its elongated display window with full communications makes the Drive View® System more convenient for today's busy customers. Customers drive up to the Drive View Window®, see the food display, smell the aroma and visualize the many choices and upsell options right before their eyes. How can they resist? Add the crystal clear communication system and you have dollars flowing into your cash register and many happy customers returning again and again.

Drive View® International Corporation does the licensing of the patented Drive View® system in the USA and Canada. Drive View Window® and Ad-Vance™ Menu System business consulting services and business management assistance are offered as part of each paid license fee in order to help your stores realize the many benefits the patented Drive View® system can offer.


Patent #: 5921036 USA
Patent #: 2204420 Canada

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